Friday, October 2, 2009


I love design magazines. I buy them, flip through them, and then rip out all the pages that appeal to me. I save them in my "Inspiration" folder. Then, when I am planning on re-doing a room in our home, I sort through them & decide how I want to go about the overhaul.
I used to read Domino magazine. But, it went out of print earlier this year. Thankfully, some of the creative forces behind that mag have come up with a new online magazine called Lonny. I LOVE it! It's free! And loaded with tons of great design inspiration. Plus, you can hover your cursor over an item & a direct link to it pops up! I am really loving this!


337 Greenwich said...

Thank you for sharing, this is the first Im haring about Lonny. I just finished flipping through all the pages. it's great!

I'm secretly hoping Domino comes back one day...but In the meanwhile, I'll be reading Lonny :-)

ps: i really enjoy your blog, your pics and recipes are amazing. congrats.

katie said...

Thanks 337 Greenwich~I'm glad you enjoy it :) I checked out your blog & it looks great!

Jennifer said...

I'm missing Domino magazine as well. Thanks for sharing this link to a new source of inspiration.

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