Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rink Rat

Miles is constantly talking about wanting to do Hockey. But, he's a sensitive little guy & gives up on anything that is a challenge pretty easily.
I was a bit hesitant about forking out all the dough for a sport I was pretty confident he would give up on. But, DH insisted we give him a shot at it.
Well, at his first class today he only had one toe on the ice before the waterworks started. The drama, the tears, the throwing himself on the ground in defeat. I was seconds away from returning his new $50 skates & requesting a refund for the class...when a light bulb went off.

I told him if he went out there & skated the full hour without giving up, he could have anything he wanted out of the candy machine.
The flood of tears ceased immediately. He was on the ice & was laughing & having a blast within seconds. Who says that bribery doesn't work?
Sure, there are times when it can backfire in your face. But, honestly, sometimes a kid just needs a little push.


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