Friday, October 10, 2008

Klean Kanteen's

With all the talk nowadays about BPA potentially causing certain types of cancer, fertility issues, and possibly even being linked to hyperactivity in children, we switched from polycarbonate water bottles to SIGG bottles a few years back.
Then, I read that while even old SIGG bottles came out of testing, showing no signs of BPA...the company still does not *guarantee* that it is not used in the bottle lining.

SO, we moved on to Klean Kanteen.  They are stainless steel water bottles with no plastic lining.  You can even put acidic beverages in them.  They are easy to wash & leave no odor of what was once in them.
I especially love this sippy cup!  While my kids are past the age of using sippy's on a regular basis...I still like having them around for those cranberry juice drinking on the couch days.
And they come with a lid that fits an Avent sippy valve.  Regular sports tops are available as well, for non-sippy cup, you can interchange them.
They are quite pricey.  But, seeing as they will last a very long time, as long as you don't freeze them, I think it was worth the investment.


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